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IRONTREE is a full service production company. Full service means we can handle all elements of your video production from beginning to end. This includes strategy, creative development, messaging, script writing, booking locations and talent, the actual production, and post production to deliver your content with the best returns.

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Location scouting, talent acquisition, organizing crew, equipment, special handlers, release forms, coordinating production dates, and determining what best fits your needs. Every project is different and we take that into consideration.

Story Development

Story is where it all begins! What is your story? What is the message that you want to get across to your customers. We seek to understand your products/services as well as your base so we can help you shape the right message.


Have an idea for a new product or service you’d like to promote. We can help you write the copy and put it in a format that’s more accessible for your talent. Our goal is to achieve a voice and tone that suits the personality and reputation of your company.


This is where the fun begins. We can edit your footage and turn it into something really special. We’re experienced in adding motion graphics, color correction, color grading, visual effects, sound and everything you want in a professional quality video.

Event Videography

Do you have a wedding or event you’d like to cover? Whatever the case may be our team is equipped to handle special occasions. Whether you need drone footage of your property or you’re looking to capture a special moment.

Video Marketing

Not sure where to drop your video once all the works been done? We can help you set up targeted social media or google ad campaigns to get you started. In addition, our SEO techniques can help your videos reach a wider audience.

Gray Area Studio

Partnered with Gray Area Multimedia, Irontree provides you with the advantage of producing your videos at a private 2500sq ft facility. Conveniently located in downtown, this option offers you ample space to shoot off location.

Gray Area Multimedia is San Diego’s most convenient multimedia performance and development venue. To better service our clients this studio is open by appointment only. Parking is free after 6 PM. Monday through Saturday and free on Sunday. All in-house materials are included with the space rental fee as follows:

Space, Commercial (royalty-free; full confidentiality)

• Weekday – $50/hr (no charge after ten hours)

• Weekend – $100/hr (no charge after ten hours)

• Week – $4,000

• Month – $12,000

Space, Standard (festivals/galleries; full service)

• Weekday – $25/hr (no charge after ten hours)

• Weekend – $50/hr (no charge after ten hours)

• Week – $2,000

• Month – $6,000

Space, Discounted (military/student/senior; full access)

• Weekday – $15/hr (no charge after ten hours)

• Weekend – $25/hr (no charge after ten hours)

• Week – $1,000

• Month – $3,000

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Break free from the stark rigidity of a black-and-white world, and let your creations take root in Gray Area!

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Real Estate Videography

Make Your Listing Video Amazing

Your smartphone can record high definition; however, it can’t give you that polished look of a professional video captured with high end equipment. Tools such as gimbals/stabilizers, drones, quality microphones, and audio will help make those first impressions valuable.

Testimonial Videos

Showing others that doing business with you is a good experience helps you build social proof. Take advantage of the good merits earned and showcase it in a video. Who doesn’t like to hear a success story? We do!

Hire Us For Your Drone Footage

Drone footage is still novel enough that you can “wow” sellers. It provides dramatic views of the entire property, increases video traffic and sharing, provides spatial perspective, and proximity to key local amenities.

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