A young woman attends her boyfriend’s graduation party at his parents’ home when events take an unexpected turn. Graduation Afternoon was filmed in San Diego, CA, 2018.

The Filmmakers

Rob Padilla, Jr. is an independent film director from San Diego, CA. He began his creative career in the music industry as a sound mixer and engineer, but soon decided to pursue his first love, film. After earning his degree in Media Arts with emphasis on Video Production from Platt College, he was hired by Legend 3D, a post-production visual effects house based in Carmel Valley, CA.

His love of the medium attracted him to work behind the camera as a cinematographer, breaking him into the production side of the trade, and his eye for visuals and attention to detail made his eventual transition to directing an organic one. Since Rob began his career in film, he has had the opportunity to work on a wide portfolio of interesting projects, including studio films, independent features, national commercials, shorts, industrials, and music videos. His versatile background has helped serve as a springboard to starting his own venture, Irontree Productions, 2015.

Rob Padilla Jr. - DIrector, Producer

Marie D. Jones

Writer, Producer    Kings Boulevard
Author of 18 non-fiction books

Romeo Nunez

Writer, Producer      Koma

Luke Pensabene

Producer, Actor
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George Jac

Producer, Actor
Fletcher and Jenks, South of 8